53-641 Wroclaw, ul. Litomska 24
phone +48 71 342-39-45, fax +48 71 343-35-43

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About Us

Since 25 years firm DIAMENT STUDIO is selling jewellery stones. Main abode is located in Wroclaw but for convenience our customers we have also branches in all Poland.
Basic commodity our firms are jewellery stones both synthetic and natural. In offer our firms you will find full scale of stones white and coloured, round and shape. Besides this DIAMENT STUDIO is selling jewellery packagings , jewellery tolls, chemical articles to jewellery aims. More information in section our offfer.


(+48-71) 342-39-45
(+48-71) 343-35-43
50-134 Wroclaw, ul. Bialoskornicza 7/9